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Ellen Million Coaching Female Cycle Training

This is an online workshop to empower women to flourish emotionally and physically throughout their cycle and their life. 

Leadership Coach Ellen Million and Nutritional Therapist Izzy Kirkby share coaching and nutrition tips for a balanced body and mind.

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Ladies. Did you know that: 

  • You have a different hormone constellation each week during your cycle? 
  • You have different emotional superpowers each week of your cycle? 
  • You can enhance your physical wellbeing each week by eating specific foods?
  • Your cycle is paramount if you want to add more balance, productivity and contentment to your life.


No? Then you’re just like us not too long ago. To balance physical and mental wellbeing it’s essential for every single woman out there to sync her life to her cycle. We created this online workshop for you to educate yourself in your own time. 

Our goal with this online training is to empower women to flourish emotionally and physically throughout their cycle and their life!


The learnings: 

  • How to use your female cycle as a tool to feel more balanced & content in life.
  • A scientific deep-dive into how our hormones fluctuate each week of the cycle and affect our body and mind.
  • Emotional wellbeing: How to harness the emotional qualities of each week to accelerate your personal growth and productivity.
  • Physical wellbeing: How to nourish your body each week to balance period symptoms.


What people have said: 

I really enjoyed this webinar- gained a lot of new insights about nutrition and wellbeing practices that can be used to support my cycle. 



I loved it- amazing education on my cycle!



The speakers:

Izzy Kirkby, a naturopath and nutritional therapist, will be sharing dietary and herbal remedies to balance each week of your female cycle for optimum personal growth. More about Izzy Kirkby: https://izzyliving.com/

Ellen, leadership coach, will provide guidance on how to channel the different emotional energies of the cycle for more productivity and personal growth. More about Ellen Million: https://ellenmillioncoaching.com/


The format:

  • Total duration: 1 hour 40 minutes
  • 74 slides with information about your female cycle
  • Ellen shares how to enhance your emotional wellbeing and personal growth during your cycle
  • Izzy shares how to enhance your physical wellbeing during your cycle
  • Includes journaling prompts for your personal growth and a guided meditation
  • BONUS: Downloadable PDF summarising key takeaways so you can incorporate these insights into your life straightaway!


The terms: 

Upon payment, you will receive a download link to the online workshop.