Hi there! I'm Ellen

I help you to tune in to yourself,
create a vision for the life you love,
set crystal clear goals,
and define actions how you make it a reality! Are you IN?



I am a goal-setter and go-getter, fully in my element when I help people shape a life they love.

I am the founder of Passion And Fruit, a corporate wellbeing agency where employee wellbeing is our passion..bearing fruit!

I currently live a digital nomad life travelling frequently, love the flexibility of it and to explore new places, people and cultures.

I am a good listener, and speak honestly with you. Real honest.

I am inspired by everybody who takes life into their hands and step by step creates their best version of it.

‘Life is too short to postpone the search of what it means to be alive.’

Ellen Million


My three main guiding principles...

Freedom over holiday.

Invest in creating the life you want, so you don’t need a holiday from it.

Faith over fear.

Believe in yourself, always, and let that self-doubt hang low.

Hell YES you can.

With the right attitude, effort and patience everybody can create an authentic life.


There has been a time in my life when I felt lightyears away from my most authentic life.

After my Masters degree I dived straight into London’s corporate world and over the course of five years climbed up the corporate ladder. Whilst on paper I had everything to be happy, I was a senior product manager with high responsibility in one of the worlds greatest cities, inside I found myself unfulfilled by my career and craving more meaning, more freedom, more personal growth.

I knew there was more inside of me, but I had no idea how to unleash my most authentic self.


After ignoring my thoughts for a while I had a wake-up moment. My work and private life kept me on my toes with business travels and deadlines, the organisation of our wedding and the constant nagging feeling that I wasn’t living my life to the fullest.

The tipping point was reached when I got diagnosed with a viral infection of the nerves and was written off work for three weeks with one order only: to rest.

I realised something had gone pretty wrong if my body had to pull the break in order for me to calm down.


I realised it was my responsibility to take care of my wellbeing and my happiness. But where to start? I started to invest in my personal wellbeing education by enrolling in a yoga teacher training, completing a mindfulness course, going to meditation trainings and most significantly, I started working with a coach. 

As a result, my mind became calmer and I could see clearly what I wanted: to help other people feel well and create lives they love. I resigned from my job, enrolled in a coaching course and created a corporate wellbeing agency Passion And Fruit to revolutionise the way companies look after their employees’ wellbeing – all within the same year. 

Fast forward to today, my life is filled with meaning, freedom and personal growth. I’m a certified Transformational Life Coach and through my One-to-One coaching programmes I have helped people from all kinds of life situations find the clarity to create their most meaningful and authentic lives.

And I truly believe you can create yours too. If this sparks your interest, let’s discuss your journey in a free 20-minute discovery call.

x Ellen 

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