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Find work that works for you.



Of our lives is spent at work


Of employees worldwide are engaged at work (Gallup)


Of Millenials, born ’80 – ’95, experience a quarter life crisis (First Direct Bank, UK)

You spend meaningless time at work, just clocking the hours?


Do any, or all, of these situations seem familiar to you?


…are in a job that doesn’t feel right for you

…only come alive on Friday afternoon

…are undecided between different career options

…lost touch with your true self

…wonder what your purpose is

…start to doubt your abilities

If you nod your head YES, then I've got good news for you

The Career Navigator Course is my proven roadmap to help you:

identify who you are, what you want professionally, and how to get it without (!!) overworking yourself.

We spend one third of our lives at work. This is a looong time and in case you had your doubts, you deserve to be happy whilst at it!

Ellen Million Coaching

Are you ready for a career which is:


Your career matches your bigger life purpose.


Has you jump out of bed in the morning.


Motivates you because you see meaning in it.


Simply put, it feels positive and good to you.


Both at work and at home you can be the same person.


You have fun at work, which makes it not feel like work!

The Career Navigator Course has got you covered!

A 4-week Self-Study course in which you will learn proven strategies, tools and techniques to identify the next chapter in your career.

The Career Navigator Course includes:

Ellen Million Coaching

4-week course at your own pace

One new module released every week

The strategies and tool I use with my 1-1 clients

20+ video lessons with Ellen

100+ pages value packed workbook

4 guided meditations to reconnect your Self

Ellen Million Coaching


Learn strategies to reconnect with yourself
Uncover your career desires
Move beyond current roadblocks with acceptance
Set your authentic career vision
Learn how to find your version of success

Ellen Million Coaching

Set your compass

Learn my proven 8-step roadmap to career fulfilment
Value analysis tool
Understand your personality
Unlock your strengths
Clarify your purpose in career and in life



Apply design thinking to map your options
Set your authentic career goals
Learn different networking strategies
Get good at networking the natural way
Learn my number one strategy to take action



Become aware of your career limiting beliefs
Mindset reframes to land your dream job with confidence
Resume 101 leave a memorable impression
Valuable tips to succeed in interviews
Strategies to negotiate your salary



"Ellen helped me at a time when I was in a transition period, moving out of my job into the unknown future. Her vibrant personality, unwavering positive can-do attitude and energy were instrumental in getting me closer to my true vision and potential. Thank you so much!"
Monika Friedman, Marketing Specialist and Fertility Coach

Ellen Million Coaching Testimonial
Ellen Million Coaching Testimonial


"Ellen is truly gifted at what she does. Her coaching skills have helped me develop and explore limiting beliefs I didn't even realise I had. With her kind attitude, Ellen is able to challenge me at every single session with thought provoking exercises that bring more clarity to my life. I couldn't recommend her enough to anyone wishing to live an empowered life."
Roberta Fusco, Solutions Manager and Nutritional Therapist

Get started today

Are you done with feeling stuck in your job? You finally want to be the captain of your career (and life) and pivot into a career that feels meaningful to you? Then wait no further and get started today.

When you enrol TODAY, you’ll click on the membership link and receive instant access to the first module.

Every week from the day you enrolled, you will receive access to one new module (4 in total).


Content includes

4-week course at your own pace

One new module released every week

The strategies and tools I use with my 1-1 clients

20+ video lessons with Ellen

100+ pages value packed workbook

4 guided meditations to reconnect your Self

Your investment in your career happiness

4 Months Payment Plan

89 EUR x 4 ( = 356 EUR)

Spread your payments across 4 months.

Pay in Full

297 EUR

Pay all at once.



"Ellen is great in asking the right questions. Sometimes coaches take too much or don't go deep enough, Ellen knows where she needs to be. She makes sure to reach the goal you've set at the beginning of the session and nicely rounds up the hour leaving you with a feeling of clarity and excitement. Her background and experience in business makes that she can provide the extra level of understanding of your situation."
Afke Schouten, Founder of AI Bridge & Artificial Intelligence Consultant

Ellen Million Coaching Testimonial

The Career Navigator is made for you to

Get out of your head...

Leave self-sabotaging thoughts behind and with the tools inside this course, get crystal clear on how you want your dream career to look like.

...and into action!

Whether this means changing jobs, aiming for a promotion, or starting your business, this course empowers you with tools to set sail towards a career that fills you with excitement!

Ellen Million Coaching

About Ellen

Hi, I’m Ellen – a certified & accredited Leadership & Career Coach (EMCC), Yoga & Meditation Teacher, on a mission to help people do work they love!

I traded my senior digital product manager job for a purpose-led career of coaching people and am truly grateful for and energised by this career transition. If I can do it, so can you! My 500-hour yoga & meditation teacher education, training in mindfulness with UC Berkeley, and knowledge of agile methodologies have helped me build the tools & strategies you can replicate to get out of your own way and make your dream career a reality.

I created the Career Navigator Course to share my proven strategies and tools with you so that you too can embark on your purpose-led career journey.

We spend 1/3 of our lives at work, let’s make it count!

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