10-Minute Grounding Meditation

Lockdown day 1836282632. Or at least it feels like it. Stress and anxiety levels are going haywire, as we find ourselves with the floor pulled away under our feet wondering when the world will go back to normal, or if it ever will. 

With many of my coaching clients, and within myself really, I can feel that this uncertainty certainly pushes us into our stretch zone. And the stretch zone never feels comfortable, unchartered territory, fear-bells ringing. Yet the stretch zone is also a great opportunity for us to grow and explore what we are actually capable of. 

To help you navigate through this stretch zone we collectively find ourselves in right now, I recorded this grounding 10-minute meditation session. May it help you destress and relax. 


10-minute grounding meditation

Simply sit back, get comfortable, maybe even light a scented candle or swing some Palo Santo, and enjoy!

With much love, 

x Ellen 


Note: both of my 3 & 6-month coaching programmes include a range of my recorded meditations. You can find the details here